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Just be thankful when it's out of your hands.

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kitty-cat-cats asked: what you do is you go on our page and you click the submit button to the right. then on that page it is the normal photo uploader, and you can put whatever caption you like (:

I totally did :) Thank you!

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This good life I lead.

So I have forgotten how liberating it is to be single. Don’t get me wrong, I dont regret any of my relationships but being out of one gives you so much time to think and be yourself and indulge in every moment without considering another persons feelings.

Ps. I have MORP this weekend and IDK who i’m going to dance with, i just know it will be dirty. And I don’t give a damn. ;D

Pps. I have a date this weekend! It’s Sunday which is a somewhat awkward day for a date but an old friend of mine is coming into town from college and we are meeting up :) It’s totally a date. And he is totally gorgeous, and funny, and sweet, and manly. You gotta see the armpit hair on this guy. Totally. I don’t know whether or not to feel bad though, seeing that I have only been single for 2 weeks..

No. I’ve decided that this is good; i already know that I’m not rebounding because if I were I would feel terrible and desperate and vulnerable. Ryan makes me feel pretty and funny and smart and girly and cool all at the same time. Oh, and did I mention that he told me I was perfect? and that he has actually been wanting to ask me out for a long time? :) I know that you should never believe these kinds of words that come out of a guys mouth because they usually end up letting you doen.. but hey I wont dismiss them.

Anyway, this might actually turn into something :) Very far down the road.. but me and this guy have had a thing for each other since I was a freshman (three years ago). I think that we can wait a little longer till summer ;D

Ahhhh, this crazy amazing beautiful life I lead <3


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Girls, you know what I mean..

All girls have that ex. Or that crush. That they wish they could talk to but they don’t or they can’t. IT SUCKS. you think (key word here) you want and need them so badly and the fact that you don’t have them is just torture. It makes you feel sour and ugly and insecure. THEN on top of that, there is that one girl. There might even be a million girls after him but there is always that imparticular one that you swear you could kill with smile on your face. Who the fuck is she? and how is she so much better than I am? you find yourself saying. its rather consuming, thinking of her and him and what they talk about.

Well you know what. FUCK it. Fuckkkkk ittttttttttt. I have a serious problem with people just throwing the F word around but it is the only thing I can think of. I have been crushed too many times for my ripe age of 16 and its utter bullshit. so fuck it. fuck that guy and that chubby girl and that skinny one and that black haired one, too. I need kick-boxing classes to fully release all this pent up angry-ness.

But ive realized something. And I want whoever ends up reading this, to think about this the next time you talk to a guy friend. You are probably that one girl friend that is totally pissing off some other girl that likes him. MOst likely, someone is jealous of you for the same reason you might be jealous of her.

(all of this is completely relevant to my life because I realize how random this rant is.. trust me.)

ahh, i feel better.

Time to read the hunger games!!!

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My ex had a dog just like this one &lt;/3
Tooo cuuuuuuute. :)
I&#8217;m going to get myself a dog just like this and name him Morticai and call him Morty for short!

My ex had a dog just like this one </3

Tooo cuuuuuuute. :)

I’m going to get myself a dog just like this and name him Morticai and call him Morty for short!

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